Ebola outbreak declared in Democratic Republic of Congo. – “This outbreak is a reminder that Covid-19 is not the only health threat people face,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organization director-general. – https://www.ft.com/content/804de211-c28e-49aa-852e-bfeea3865c05?fbclid=IwAR1yE2AAaGz-QBuNN-oUuQ_DOYN61rQTIWFT3ZX1EhNA2-IJeXb4fz_7V-o @FT

Ebola outbreak declared in Democratic Republic of Congo

And check this 3 min video from the FT reporter Bernadeta Dadonaite – it’s very good:

The stats for this disease are insane. In the first oubreak in 1976, 88% of patients died. In the outbreak in the east of DRC last year 66% of patients died. And I’ve not heard anyone suggest it is ever asymptomatic. That’s a properly scary disease.

I can’t find the press briefing from which the story is drawn, so perhaps it wasn’t accompanied by a written statement.


Impressive that the @FT is featuring a prominent discussion of Chesterton’s Fence


“There exists in such a case a certain institution or law; let us say, for the sake of simplicity, a fence or gate erected across a road. The more modern type of reformer goes gaily up to it and says, “I don’t see the use of this; let us clear it away.” To which the more intelligent type of reformer will do well to answer: “If you don’t see the use of it, I certainly won’t let you clear it away. Go away and think. Then, when you can come back and tell me that you do see the use of it, I may allow you to destroy it.”

GK Chesterton 1929, The Thing

Low Covid-19 death toll raises hopes Africa may be spared worst | Free to read | Financial Times

Continent has limited confirmed virus fatalities but experts warn it is too early to draw conclusions
— Read on www.ft.com/content/e9cf5ed0-a590-4bd6-8c00-b41d0c4ae6e0

Some of us have been suggesting for some time that the risk profile of Africa may differ from that of other regions. It is too early to draw firm conclusions but there is good reason to seek a stronger evidence base for extreme lockdown measures given their cost.