Chief of Health at UNICEF Stefan Peterson @stefanswartpet tells @Telegraph what he told us weeks ago: that the lockdown will kill children and most likely more people than it saves

It’s important to bear in mind that the appropriate comparison is not lockdown-or-bust, but lockdown vs. some more moderate and contextually feasible social distancing measures in conjunction with protection of vulnerable groups.

The documentary where he told us this to us is below.

7 minute low-res version:


30 minute high res version:

‘Australian study suggests kids aren’t corona spreaders’ – World Israel News

Interesting that the retort from another academic, criticising the study, also included this: “Is this the work of some politician somewhere who doesn’t like their own kids and don’t want them at home? I don’t know.” Well, obviously she doesn’t know, because it’s a rhetorical question she made up to add rhetorical force to her (perfectly reasonable) critique, and to personally attack the authors of the study by suggesting they are politically motivated. Scientists should leave this sort of junk to the politicians, except where they actually do know.