Interview with UJ FM: @ujfm in preparation for the webinar at 1pm today: Data and Delusion after COVID-19

Very enjoyable interview with Bolela Polisa at UJ FM, discussing some of the issues we might encounter in this afternoon’s webinar on Data and Delusion after COVID-19, as well as why Glenda Gray is right and what it’s like to wear a mask if you have a beard.

Video now up – the first in our series of webinars, Reimagining the world after COVID-19, with Joyce Banda, Johan Giesecke and Sehaam Khan

This event took place on Wednesday 13 May 2020.


Interview with Newzroom Africa: lack of evidence base for lockdown, need for rational framework for decision-making as outlined in our recent report @Newzroom405

The report referred to is the A Framework for Decisions in a Post-COVID World – South Africa – Report 1.2, a report we published a few days ago from the Institute for the Future of Knowledge at UJ