Why the fourth industrial revolution won’t happen: public lecture, 29 April


There is excellent scientific evidence that most human predictions are wrong, beyond our immediate physical and social environment. Bold, confident claims attract the most attention, yet these are the most likely to be wrong. For this reason, much of what you have probably heard about what the world will be like in or after 4IR is false. But in addition, there is good reason to doubt that counterfactual reasoning can be implemented on any computational platform. This means that machines will not be able to reason causally, to understand, or to predict, and thus that Strong AI is not possible. Without Strong AI, 4IR will not happen.


  • Prof Babu Paul, Director of Institute for Intelligent Systems, UJ
  • Dr Faeeza Ballim, Senior Lecturer in History, UJ
  • Prof Brendon Barnes, Head of Psychology, UJ

DATE 29 April 2019
TIME 17:00 for 17:30
VENUE Chinua Achebe Auditorium (6th Floor), APK Library

University of Johannesburg (corner Kingsway and University Road, Auckland Park)

RSVP By Friday 26 April 2019 to Theodorah Modise on

licevents@uj.ac.za / 011 559 2264



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