Prediction paper – comments welcome

Comments welcome on this general philosophical paper on prediction that I’ve just finished drafting. Hoping to submit somewhere soon.

2013-08-09 DRAFT What is a good prediction

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1 thought on “Prediction paper – comments welcome

  1. I am kindly sending my views. The sevral biological systems (biological, social etc) are complex in space and time.
    This fact makes it difficult to speak about optimum or good prediction. So, decissions should be taken based on the qualitative nature of our data and the type of research study of each system; which means that each time we will be closer to th optimum result.
    So, we have to act as follows:
    1. Continious data monitoring of the under stud system (because of the complexity of the primer conditions of the evolution of the system)
    2. Qualitative information of the data (random, chaotic..etc)
    3. Appropriate methods of analysis depending on the ansewr of question 2.

    Best regards,
    Dr.Georgia Pistolla


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